Tuesday Treasure: Hand Sewn Autumn Skirt for Girls

Usher in autumn in style with this lovely skirt for your little one. It would pair great with leggings or tights for cooler weather. Skirt is made from 100% cotton (pre-shrunk) in a persimmon pink crosshatch and a solid off-white design featuring tree silhouettes with falling leaves and squirrels. The 2 inch waistband has enclosed elastic with a sash. A perfect gift for your daughter, niece, or little sister! From the awesome shop of AStitchOff on Etsy!

TuesTreasure 2014-09-16


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Monday a la Mode: DIY Gift Ideas

MondayalaMode Sept15By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

Are you a talented crafter with a limited budget? There’s no time like the present to begin planning for your DIY holiday season. If you plan now, you can order your supplies in the next few weeks, and begin your knitting, sewing, baking and creating in the autumn months. Plenty of time for the holidays!

There are a wide variety of options to match every skill set, but four clear winners rise to the top when it comes to DIY categories of gifts people love to receive:

1) Knitted or crocheted items have never gone out of style. Here is one of our own most popular (and most Pinned) DIY projects, from our very own AddSomeStitches:

Bath Puff 2

2) Photographs can be crafted into so many different gifts – from jewelry to coasters! This great blog post from Listotic includes a number of great ideas for DIY gifts using photographs, as well as a number of other great ideas:


35 DIY Gift Ideas


3) DIY soaps, candles, lip balms and other personal “cookery” are always a hit. Below is a lovely idea for DIY candles-in-a-jar, but you’ll find 38 other ideas, including infused oils, in this linked collection by BuzzFeed:


No time to create your own gifts for this holiday season? Hop on over to Etsy’s DTeam shops and you can find an endless supply of beautiful, clever handmade items for sale.

Talk to us: What gifts do you plan to DIY this season? Share your ideas and links below!


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Tuesday Treasure: Mixed Metal Necklace by Annie Roses Sunshine

This week’s Tuesday Treasure features mixed metals! I love the blend of metals in jewelry – it makes these pieces incredibly versatile. This piece from Annie Roses Sunshine features the added pop of color from a faceted red bead, which reflects in a lovely way off of the metal disks.

TuesTreasure 2014-09-09


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Monday a la Mode: Back to school fashions – fall 2014

By M Kimball – ElephantBeads

This year’s vocabulary word for middle school fashion: Eclectic.Back to School Trends 2014

In the United States alone, according to the National Retail Federation, more than $70 billion flowed from parents’ pockets to ensure their kids (including college-bound students) were dressed for success. With many students already into their first few weeks of classes, back to school shopping is well underway, but it’s not too late to get your kids on board with the three back-to-school fashion trends.

1) ACCESSORIZE: From baseball caps to fedoras, retro sunglasses to fringe bracelets – accessories are uber popular this year. The hats and glasses may not be in evidence in the classroom, but they will reappear for the walk across campus in the sunshine. And the overall look? Eclectic!

2) POP THE COLOR: Bright colors are IN. According to fashion blog Fashionista.com, orange in particular will be making its appearance this fall to brighten up the cloudier days. But colors will be seen alongside animal prints, plaids, and classic black. The overall look? Eclectic!

3) GUYS: STYLE UP! This fall, guys will be making a statement of their own. The look is likely to be “rebellious prep,” according to Andrew Bevan, Teen Vogue’s style features editor, as quoted in a recent CBS News piece. The guys’ look this year? You guessed it: Eclectic!

Talk to us: What will your kids be wearing this fall? Were there any “must have” items they didn’t want to go back to school without?


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Teaching Thursday: About Page

I was going to come up with something fantastic and creative for today’s blog post, but last night, ElephantBeads (awesome Etsy shop owner and one of the DTeam’s fearless leaders) posted on the DTeam chat thread this fantastic article on how to write an About Me page. It’s written for bloggers, but totally applicable to our Etsy shops. So go read it. Right now. I mean it.

Writing an About Me page

Wasn’t that awesome? Let’s talk about what’s going on our new About pages — what’s your story?

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Wednesday Chat

What’s on your mind today? How’s your business going as fall and the holiday selling season get started? Are you planning on joining the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp? Chat away in the comments.

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Tuesday Treasure: Assateague Island Lighthouse – Handmade Wooden Anchor


These hand-painted anchors are best-sellers in What’s In Grampa’s Shack. Many other designs are available – and being handmade and hand painted, each anchor will be one-of-a-kind. Shop for other hand-painted items, or request your own custom piece!


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Monday a la Mode: Workplace Trends, Autumn 2014


By M Kimball – ElephantBeads

With the holiday season fast approaching, we are re-launching Fashion Monday with a refreshed look and a broader scope. With “Monday a la Mode” you can expect to greet each Monday with a fresh, on-trend perspective. We will broaden our focus to include trending items that can be found on Etsy: not just fashion but home decor, kids’ wear, bed and bath, DIY.

This week, as we celebrate Labor Day in the United States, we share three trends in workplace fashion. Interestingly, with the world around us in chaos, we see fashion trends going “back to basics.”

  1. Classic colors are IN! Black, white and light neutrals feature prominently in Fall 2014 fashions. The old adage that you can’t wear white after Labor Day? It no longer applies. Whether your workplace style is corporate or casual, the basics are what’s trending.
  2. Light layers are classy and comfortable. Cardigans, scarves, light blazers add interest.
  3. Big jewelry is the perfect way to offset the basic colors and simple looks. Whether you select a statement pendant, a cocktail ring, or hammered metal earrings, consider going a little BIGGER this Fall.

Here are some Etsy finds that reflect these workplace trends:


This pale peach scarf can add interesting texture and a bit of warmth to a workplace outfit, whether corporate or casual – available from CrystalCat1989.


Autumn neutrals are workplace-appropriate in this upcycled, designer dress by Lovin’ The Good Old Days.


Textured, hammered copper earrings from Judys Designs will warm up any outfit this Autumn!

Here are a few other quick reads if you’re looking to liven up your autumn look for 2014:


The Muse: 8 Workplace Style Bloggers We Love



Refinery29: Fall Wardrobe 30 Essential Buys

Talk to us: What will you be wearing to work this Fall? Do you work at home? What works best for your productivity: Jammies or Jazzed-up?


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Teaching Thursday: Pricing

Pricing. The dreaded method every business must use to set the prices for the goods and services they are selling. Set your prices too low, and you will lose money on every sale and eventually go out of business (unless you are so lucky as to have a 2nd source of income with which to fund your business). Set your prices too high and you will drive away customers. The art of pricing is the art of finding the sweet spot in the middle, high enough to make money and low enough to create happy, satisfied customers.

How to do it? Well, I have my own formula, as does every successful business. Your own formula will depend on your costs, both time and money. Etsy has helpfully written an article on creating your formula, along with handy worksheets to help you along the way. Read it here.

Once you’ve read it and created your formula, you’ll need to go through your Etsy shop and check all the prices of all the items in your shop and make sure they fit your new pricing model. After that, stick to your formula, and make sales with confidence, knowing you aren’t losing money. Good luck!

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Wednesday Chat

What’s on your mind today? How’s your business going as April winds down? Chat away in the comments.

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