Tuesday Treasure: Quilted Patchwork Ornaments

Lisa from LovinTheGoodOleDays shop on Etsy has perfected the art of creating lovely old-fashioned accessories and useful items for the home. We picture her at her sewing machine, creating ornaments, checkbook covers, oven mitts, and  – when she sits down at her serger – sweater dresses and other upcycled fashion pieces! Today we feature her Christmas tree ornaments – one of her popular items for the holiday season:

LovinTheGoodOleDays Quilted Christmas Ornament


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Tuesday Treasure: Christmas Art by CRO

We are in love with CRO‘s Manga / Anime style artwork. Come to her shop, MadeByCRO, to find cards, prints, and downloadable art. All are unique and very original. This week, we chose to feature CRO’s lovely big-eyed Christmas girl. Come browse CRO’s shop and enjoy!

Printable Christmas Art by Cro


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Tuesday Treasure: Sassy Bracelet from Vampire Diaries

Last week, we missed our Tuesday Treasure – so this week we are featuring TWO lovely items from Etsy’s D-Team shops, and we’re cheating: Our first Tuesday Treasure is being revealed to you a day early! Consider it our Monday gift to you.

Our very own Stephanie, owner and artist of Etsy shop SassyBelleWares, created this amazing bracelet that was recently featured on Vampire Diaries. We love her chunky beaded wrap bracelets and other amazing creations. Check out the other treasures in her shop!

SassyBelleWares Vampire Diaries



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Tuesday Treasure: Funky Ceramic Piggy Bank

For a shop that has mastered the art of ceramics, and tied it up in a bow with CUTENESS, come visit GrapeVineCeramicsGft. We are particularly besotted with the GrapeVine Ceramics piggy banks in vivid hues with funky design elements. These are the perfect gift for anyone on your list who is saving up for their next vacation… or bicycle… or camera… and wants to do it in style!

Ceramic Piggy Bank


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Tuesday Treasure: Fall Centerpiece – Autumn Flowers

Your holidays will be decorated with delightful little surprises if you shop at Ginger Clark‘s lovely Etsy shop, StylishDecorbyGClark. This week’s Tuesday Treasure is a festive autumn centerpiece – just in time for your holiday dinners this fall!

Stylish Decor Fall Centerpiece

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Tuesday Treasure: Rainbow Felt Necklace

Come to the BeedABoo shop on Etsy to find handmade creations that are a true delight! The shop owner makes her own beautiful beads, and her jewelry creations range from classic to playful. Come check it out!


BeedABoo Felt Jewelry


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Trending Monday: Upcycle, Recycle, Repurpose

Upcycle Recycle Repurpose

By M Kimball, ElephantBeads

JudysDesigns Fold Formed Metalwork Earrings

JudysDesigns – Fold Formed Metalwork Earrings

We are living in an era of repurposing. It’s not just because of the Great Recession, theories about global warming, or fears about scarce resources. There is a new level of creativity on the rise that helps us see the things around us with new eyes – and to see our own power to create something completely new.

This creative urge has fueled the DIY and Maker movements – and it also fuels many artisans on Etsy. A number of DTeam shops feature upcycled, recycled or repurposed materials. Here are just a few:

Judy at JudysDesigns notes that many of the metalwork pieces she uses for her jewelry are from found metals. The thick wire is from a spool found in a car given to her husband for scrap. The sheet metal is from leftover home improvement projects, and the aluminum hoop earrings are cut from leftover sections of airplane strut material.

WhatsInGrampasShack Painted Slate Cardinal

WhatsInGrampasShack – Painted Slate with Cardinal

Colleen at WhatsInGrampasShack notes that all of the slates she uses for painted home accessories were at one time on a church roof in Honeybrook, Pennsylvania. What a lovely example of recycling, repurposing and upcycling!

And finally, Lisa from LovinTheGoodOleDays upcycles clothing in her fashion creations. She adds bling to tank tops, and repurposes sweaters into beautiful dresses, skirts and other creations.

Button Love Upcycled Tank

Upcycled Women’s Tank Top from LovinTheGoodOleDays

Each of these artists is using the materials around her to create something new, something that brings a fresh perspective into the world in the form of usable, functional artwork.


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Teaching Thursday: Search Engine Optimization – Keywords & More

Note: This post is the words of Graeme, an Etsy member who has kindly agreed to let us share his thoughts on SEO more widely. He originally posted this in the Etsy Forums, and JudysDesigns, a DTeam member, found it.

You can do research on Etsy right in Etsy’s search bar – just start typing and popular suggestions appear. Then you can use a tool like: www.tools4etsy.com/Wall-e/Relevancy/Keyword to see where you appear in search + who the top sellers are, the top listings, and the Tags used.

** Titles & Tags are important to Etsy Search (redundancy = relevancy i.e. Tag phrases should be repeated in titles); Description & Titles for SEO (repetition = relevancy, but not duplication; i.e. Titles, each should be unique). Title, Tag and Description (upper/lower) case & punctuation has no importance to Etsy Search & Search Engines like Google & Bing (SEO). Also, the order of Tags is not important.

** Be aware that Etsy sees Categories as having a dual purpose – both as a Category & a Tag. Entering them twice is a waste of a tag.

** According to an Etsy Blog article (ref: blog.etsy.com/en/2013/top-5-steps-to-a-mobile-friendly-shop ): “…item descriptions are truncated on Etsy’s mobile apps after nine lines; aim to keep vital details above the fold.”. As Etsy claims that 40%+ views are coming from Mobile devices, your target audience could be missing key information that may be visible “below the 9-line fold”.

** Please note that on Etsy, it can take up to an hour for the Listing page (Etsy page cache) to refresh and up to 24 hours for the Listing changes to be fully indexed. ( ref: www.etsy.com/help/article/187 )

** Etsy Blog articles & help links that should help:
– Shop Makeover Series: Titles, Descriptions and Tags – blog.etsy.com/en/2011/shop-makeover-titles-descriptions-and-tags/
– Etsy Success: Make Your Shop More Relevant – blog.etsy.com/en/2011/make-your-shop-more-relevant/
– An Etsy worksheet put together to help sellers brainstorm keywords that buyers might use when searching:
– How do I make sure my items are getting found in Search? – www.etsy.com/help/article/821
– How to Get Found in Search – www.etsy.com/blog/en/2012/how-to-get-found-in-search/
– How to Get Found in Browse – www.etsy.com/blog/en/2012/how-to-get-found-in-browse/
– How do I improve my shop’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? – www.etsy.com/help/article/247
– 4 Ways to Improve Your SEO and Increase Your Traffic – blog.etsy.com/en/2013/4-ways-to-improve-your-seo/
– How to Write Enticing Item Descriptions – blog.etsy.com/en/2012/how-to-write-enticing-item-descriptions
(Note: Whilst some of these blog posts have been around for a while, they are still very relevant)
– Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – static.googleusercontent.com/media/www.google.com/en/us/webmasters/...

** Etsy mentioned in an Admin Q&A thread (may 16th, 2014) that Etsy (eg: Treasuries) & external (eg: Facebook) inbound links will help with improving a Listing’s Relevancy. Listing new, relisting and renewing all equally give a Listing’s relevancy a boost.

** A great post on SEO Myths you should NOT believe: www.etsy.com/teams/7722/discussions/discuss/12878519

** Lastly, here is a tool that compares Etsy Tags side-by-side: www.tools4etsy.com/tagwars

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Tuesday Treasure: Bald Eagle Can Cozy

CrystalCat’s shop features spectacular original creations, from hand-cross-stitched bookmarks to crocheted and needle-felted can cozy’s like this handsome Bald Eagle cozy. This would make a great gift for a hard-to-shop-for man on your list!

Bald Eagle Can Cozy by CrystalCat


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Tuesday Treasure: Bullet Jewelry

Whether you love guns and ammo, or just enjoy a great up-cycled piece of wearable art – you can find what you’re looking for at ShellsNStuff on Etsy. This shop features classy jewelry – simple, but extraordinary. This 40 Caliber Three Bullet Casing Necklace is just one of many treasures you can find at ShellsNStuff!

TuesTreasure 2014-10-07

40 Caliber Three Bullet Casing Necklace by ShellsNStuff


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